Selected topics in high energy astrophysics

  1. What is High-Energy Astrophysics?
    - cosmic rays, solar flares, collisionless highly magnetised plasma
    - non-thermal particle energy spectra and non-thermal radiative processes
    - astrophysical sources of high-energy emission and particles
    - multi-messenger approach
  2. Radiative transfer
    - basic concepts and definitions
    - relativistic beaming
  3. Leptonic emission processes
    - synchrotron emission
    - inverse-Compton emission
    - thermal and non-thermal bremsstrahlung
    - photon-photon pair creation
  4. Hadronic emission processes
    - proton-proton pion production
    - photo-meson production
  5. Turbulent acceleration
    - Fermi process
    - kinetic equation for the particle energy evolution
    - waves in ideal MHD; particle-waves interactions
    - diffusion approximation
  6. Shock acceleration
    - shocks in astrophysics
    - advection/diffusion equation for the particle energy evolution
    - diffusive shock acceleration
  7. Astrophysics of Supermassive Black Holes
    - basic concepts and parameters
    - co-evolution of SMBHs and hots galaxies
    - phenomenon of Active Galactic Nuclei


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